Advisor Pitfalls addressed in 7 Powerful Talks by 7 Real-World Experts

Introducing the NEW 2018 Exit Planning Power Sessions:

Inspired by TED, the global community bringing you ‘ideas worth sharing.’  These speeches will follow the principles found in a great ‘TED talk’ by delivering the Summit attendees short, powerful speeches that challenge your world view on very specific, relevant, and compelling topics.

This Year’s Power Session Theme: Seven Real-World Solutions to Pesky Professional Pitfalls

Our seven experts will deliver a short, frank, and impactful speech in 15 minutes or less on the seven topics specifically relevant to the exit planning professional:

  • How to Build an Exit Planning Team, with “The Collaborator” Julie Keyes, founder of KeyeStrategies and 2017 Leader of the Year
  • How to Ask an Owner the Right Questions, with “The Inquisitor” Sean Hutchinson, co-founder of SVA Value Accelerators and 2015 Exit Planner of the Year
  • How to Create a Revenue-Producing Marketing Strategy, with “The Marketer” Brooke Norman, EPI marketing strategist
  • How to Systematically Scale a Business, with “The Scaler” Dan Doran, founder of Quantive Valuations and President of EPI Capital Region
  • How to Leverage Your Personal Brand, with “The Brander” Justin Goodbread, founder of Heritage Investors, contributor of Forbes Finance Council, and author of
  • How to Motivate an Owner to Work on Exit Strategy, with “The Strategist” Kent McKown, co-owner of Chief Executive Boards International
  • How to Measure and Impact Value Drivers & Killers, with “The Valuator” Lorenzo Carver, founder of Liquid Scenarios

Just like “TED,” these sessions are designed to zero on a single topic and dive deep into an idea that will expand your perspective.  You will walk away with the motivation, knowledge, and tips you want to break down your own barriers and produce the results you seek.

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Connect with the Session Power Session Keynote Speakers:

The Collaborator The Inquisitor The Marketer


The Scaler The Brander The Strategist The Valuator
Justin Goodbread, CFP, CEPA, Founder of Heritage Investors and Author of Financially Simple



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