From 8 Million to 235 Million: An Inside Look at “The Perfect Exit”

From 8 Million to 235 Million: An Inside Look at “The Perfect Exit”

Imagine yourself as a 24-year-old that has inherited the responsibility of running the family business, a multi-million-dollar manufacturing and distribution firm in Northeast Ohio. Your family, your employees, and your community are counting on you to keep the ship afloat. So what do you do? Andy’s answer: explode your company value and sell at a premium.

Meet Andy Rayburn, the former CEO of Flexalloy, a personal mentor of EPI President/CEO Chris Snider, and the case study subject of “The Perfect Exit.”  Andy’s path to the perfect strategic exit was a demonstration of what any privately-held middle market business can do to systematically (and rapidly) increase business value and unlock wealth at the peak of the market.  His story is full of successes, pitfalls, and lessons learned that owners and advisors can dissect, understand, and replicate within any business.

Rayburn was the principal architect of this value acceleration strategy and execution, along with his premier management team, which included industry expert and 2016 Thought Leader of the Year, Chris Snider. This is your once-in-a-career opportunity to learn from the owner who not only conquered 5-D obstacles and embodied ultimate transferable value factor planning; he immortalized the proven notion that exit planning is just good business strategy.

Andy Rayburn and Chris Snider take the stage this September as the opening keynote for the International Summit, giving advisors and owners from across the globe an inside look at “1-2-3…Flex!” and breakdown how to make the perfect exit become a reality. Don’t miss this massive industry opportunity; it won’t happen again.


About Andy Rayburn:

Andy started Big Game Capital in August 2000 to place private equity investments from the proceeds of the sale of Flexalloy Inc.  Since 2000, Big Game Capital has invested in different markets, including equity interests in the 2016 NBA Championship franchise, the Cleveland Cavaliers, two minor league baseball teams, and the 10,000 Lakes Music Festival, bringing its experience in aggressive growth, unusual customer satisfaction, and outstanding growth opportunities for its employees. Another notable event was the start-up of a successful philanthropy, The Human Fund, co-founded with his wife, which benefits Cleveland children.  Giving back is part of all Big Game companies.  Andrew graduated from Dartmouth College in 1977.

His co-presenter, Christopher Snider, sought-after industry expert, managing partner of Snider Premier Growth, award-winning author, President & CEO of Exit Planning Institute, and family business owner in a rapid growth profession, will offer insights and advisor perspective, from both then and now, to help you realize your next steps to achieving “perfect” results within your firm or business.

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