New! The Interactive Case Study eBook Designed to Simulate Real-Life Exit Planning Realities

New! The Interactive Case Study eBook Designed to Simulate Real-Life Exit Planning Realities

Woven throughout the entire Summit agenda will be the first-of-its-kind case study eBook, “Exit is Now,” written by a team of EPI thought leaders from across the exit planning profession, to help attendees explore and address the most complex and pressing questions when helping an owner achieve a truly successful exit.

Meet the “Owner:”

Happy 65th Birthday to Chuck Barrows, a lifetime entrepreneur and business owner of a Midwest manufacturing firm.  He built the business from the ground up, achieving success and industry notoriety over his 35 years.  A true leader and influencer, Chuck is proud to own and operate a $30-million-dollar business with high social capital and a employee culture that produces results.  But today, Chuck is asking himself the hard question, “Is it time to move on?” and his non-business-savvy (second) wife, his works-in-the-business son, his semi-estranged daughter, his key managers, and many other players are anxious to know the answer.

Just like any business, Chuck has a lot to consider in all aspects of his life. What should Chuck do…and when?

Every presenter at the Summit will have a direct tie-in to the Exit is Now Case Study eBook and over the course of two days, attendees will be challenged to understand, explore, prepare, and present their findings and ultimately recommend the best exit option for “Chuck Barrows.”

This book is a collaborative literary work created with the help of experts throughout the exit planning profession.  It will be released a few days prior to the Summit event dates to a give attendees a chance to read, formulate questions, and visualize their preliminary assumptions.

Don’t miss this annual event.

Make plans to join the 2018 Exit Planning Summit in Nashville, Tennessee this September 24-25.

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