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Exit planning as an industry is still relatively new and topical and our advisors face unique challenges as they bring exit planning into the present.  Statistics show the odds are not stacked in the owner’s favor: 80% of companies on the market do not sell.  75% of owners “profoundly regretted selling” their companies a year the sale.  About 50% of owners have no plans for transition.  65% of owners have no formal education around exit strategy and what it takes to transition their company.  With 80% of their net worth trapped in their most illiquid asset (the business), owners come to their advisors looking for help, but too often too late in the game to really make an impact.

The market opportunity is there, and within the financial/professional services industry, exit planning is the hot topic.  As the number of exit advisors industry-wide continues to climb, many experts face issues that come hand in hand with pioneering an industry, including lack of owner education and market awareness (many owners don’t even understand what exit planning is…).

But don’t be discouraged; this is a time of excitement for advisors.  You are in a blue ocean.  That said, pioneering an industry is not for everyone.  But for those entrepreneurial advisors who belong to the exit planning ecosystem, we have a chance to move a market. Change an industry. Drive best practices. And affect not only the outcomes for owners but outcomes for their families, employees, communities, and our economy as well.

So, five years ago, after purchasing the Exit Planning Institute and reviving the Annual Conference, we created a platform to acknowledge and showcase exit advisors who were “doing things right” in our industry.  The advisors contributing to the “20% that do sell” and the “25% satisfied post-transaction.”  An award that showcased leaders and pioneers dedicated to changing the outcome for middle market business owners locally, nationally, and worldwide.

And in 2013, EPI introduced the first Excellence in Exit Planning Awards.

What is the Annual Excellence in Exit Planning Awards?

This year, EPI’s Excellence in Exit Planning Awards will honor three exit planning advisors who lead our industry and community in unique, significant ways.  These awards are broken into the following categories:

  • The Member of the Year Award is presented to a CEPA or EPI Partner who contributes significantly to the EPI community of advisors and the overall exit planning profession. They act as a key leader and expert in their local or regional marketplace and lead exit planning education while driving market awareness.
  • The Leader of the Year Award in presented to CEPA who has successfully trail blazed a first-of-its-kind project, initiative, or practice which has made a significant contribution to the exit planning profession and overall community. This advisor is also a thought leader; someone who has taken a position and become a regarded expert/specialist in a specific niche area, a person who tasks, innovates, and influences, and above all, showcases characteristics of collaboration.
  • The Peter Christman Exit Planner of the Year Award is the highest honor offered in the exit planning industry and is awarded to a CEPA who either practices exit planning, manages exit planning engagements, educates business owner and advisors, or provides industry-changing exit planning solutions or tools that can be directly tied to changing outcomes for business owners and leading advisors. This advisor makes significant contributions to the industry, exemplifies the core values and characteristics of EPI and the CEPA designation, while making a uniquely significant impact on the larger exit planning profession on a local, regional, national and/or international scale.

Nominations open until May 31, 2018!

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