Dean DeLisle

Social Network Specialist

Dean started working in the hospitality industry as a teenager, and quickly understood that hard work and motivation were key ingredients to success. So was forging relationships with colleagues and customers, because these relationships helped him build a powerful network. He leveraged this new network into a new career in technology with Merrill Lynch, working in data center operations at the Board of Trade – even though he was still a sophomore in college. Dean has continued this powerful pattern of connecting and building new networks, forming several symbiotic tech companies as appropriate along the way. For over 30 years, he has demonstrated an extraordinary ability to accelerate companies, stimulate business development, and improve operational efficiency. Utilizing relationship marketing and social selling, he harnesses the ever‐evolving power of technology, paired with consulting, coaching and training, to implement sound business practices. Using the capacity and influence of online social networks and traditional media practices, he helps his clients build their community and convert relationships into new business. He also supports clients with countless company, brand, product, and service launches. At Forward Progress, a company he founded 15 years ago, Dean leads his core team in providing integrated marketing solutions using a proven coaching and consulting methodology, consistently driving clients’ business growth. Forward Progress has helped over 2,000 corporate clients assess and improve their online marketing and social networking results. Dean recently launched a Social Network Coaching and Training Platform called Social Jack™. This platform combines the coaching and training that Forward Progress delivers with industry‐standard tools and mobile technology, while equipping sales teams with what they need for the next generation of business development using Social Teaming. This is where Dean’s story comes full circle: Social Jack lets people connect with people they want in their network, which allows them to build new and aspirational relationships. This epitomizes Dean’s mission: to connect people and brands through the use of social networks. Dean and his team have trained over 100,000 professionals in over 35 countries with its Social Jack Curriculum. Dean’s extensive list of clients and professional relationships include: GE Capital, GE Global, Sears, Discover, Blue Cross, State Farm, Allstate, Chicago Mercantile Exchange, General Growth Properties,, Bridgeview Bank, Jamison Realty, BOMA, BDO Seidman, Mitsubishi, Cardinal Health, Cheap Tickets, National Pen, The Popcorn Factory, Envestnet, CBOE, Con Agra, RE/MAX, Cendant, Chicago Realty Advisors, Century 21, Lee Publications, Merrill‐Lynch, Jupiter Communities, Dreamtown Realty, American Family Insurance, Keller Williams, Country Financial, University of Illinois, Nationwide and The Private Bank. Dean is a devoted husband and father, married for 25 years with two children he adores. He loves the outdoors, music, and spending time with his family – and yes, some of that family time is spent in the dōjō: he and his son are both 3rd degree black belts in Tae Kwon Do, with a keen interest in furthering their multi‐disciplinary mixed martial arts expertise.

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