John Dini

Business Ownership Expert

Founder of The ExitMap®

I speak and write about business ownership, based on my long and deep experience coaching and consulting for owners. (Over 12,000 face to face hours.)

I’ve owned successful companies in manufacturing, distribution and health care, as well as several in B2B services. My book “Hunting in a Farmer’s World” has won multiple awards, and I write a column weekly on the joys (and terrors) of owning a business at .

I’m also the designer of The ExitMap®, a tool created to help professional advisors have substantive conversations with business owners about the next stage of their lives.

I live in San Antonio, Texas with my wife of 42 years. My 2 sons are starving in New York City and a US Navy Aircrewman, respectively.

I spend most of my consulting time with Baby Boomer owners who are planning their lives after the company, and speaking to groups of the same. I link with advisory professionals, business owners and those who read my work or attend my presentations.

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