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BNY Mellon Wealth Management clients represent some of the most successful individuals, families and institutions around the world. We focus on protecting and growing our clients’ wealth through customized strategies and services. An important aspect of wealth protection is helping our clients through transitions—and exiting a business is one prime example of when families need a strong team supporting them.

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The majority of American business value is held within the bounds of closely held stock. By definition, this value is not publicly traded on stock exchanges. Closely held stock comes into creation when a business person incorporates their business yet retains all ownership of the business’ shares. For many business owners, the only way to recognize the actual value of their business is at the point of sale when they exit their business. However, by understanding how they can unlock the trapped wealth in their closely held shares, they have the opportunity to engage in building a charitable legacy, retain some degree of business control, and do it in a way that is tax-smart and easy to implement.

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Our Mission: The Center for Autism and Related Disabilities provides support and assistance with the goal of optimizing the potential of people with autism and related disabilities. Our work focuses on providing communities, organizations, agencies, service providers and families with the knowledge and skills to support children and adults in early intervention, school, community, work, and home settings. In our work, we address issues that impact individuals across the life span. For more information about CARD and the community they serve, visit their website here.

Intent Planning Group is the next level in financial planning excellence. Coming soon to the Canadian marketplace, head office in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Intent Planning is a network of professional advisors, specialists in financial planning, exit planning, wealth management, risk management, accounting, legal and consulting. Plan with Intent. Succeed with Intent.

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