Vice President, Scott Snider Interviews with Business RadioX

Scott Snider, Exit Planning Institute’s vice president, was interviewed on Business RadioX, a network dedicated to helping local business and professional associations get the word out about the important work they are doing to serve their market, profession, and community. Snider spoke with Stone Payton and Lee Kantor, hosts for Business RadioX, about various topics of exit planning and gave direct advice to business owners about when to start incorporating exit planning into their mindsets.

During the interview, Snider explains that most business owners believe they can “time the market” when it comes to retiring or exiting their industry. However, there are many factors that can fluctuate the market throughout the years including personal timing, business cycles, and private capital market. By planning personally and financially, maximizing the value of the business and thinking about life’s next steps, Snider challenges business owners to look at exit planning as a simple, yet beneficial, business strategy.

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